People decide to move into a smaller space for numerous reasons. It may be because you are now retired and looking for a manageable space to spend your time in. Furthermore, it can also be because you are facing financial difficulties. However, irrespective of what your reasons are downsizing can be a challenging prospect. Therefore that is why you need to do your research before embarking on this task. This way you would know how to handle it without stressing out.

Start Early

If you are downsizing after retiring you would not only be moving out of your house. Instead, you would also be closing your workspace rental Singapore. This can be an overwhelming task to undertake. Therefore you cannot wait until the last minute to pack. That is because you would need time to decide which items you need to take and which to donate. Thus, that is why it is a good idea to start packing as soon as you find a new place. By then you would have an idea about how much stuff you can take with you. Then you can begin to decide which items to keep and which to leave behind.

Get Your Family To Help

As retirees, we understand that by now your children would have moved out. Therefore that may be why you are downsizing. But that does not mean this cannot be a family activity. We can tell you now that the task of packing your belongings would be made that much easier if you have your family. Therefore that is why it is important to call up your children. This way if they want something that they like they can take it with them. Furthermore, we also understand that many children leave sentimental items at their parent’s house. Therefore without simply throwing them out ask your children whether they want them.


We know that you would want to pack up all your belongings and take them with you. But that is not the point of downsizing. Therefore you may be forced to decide what items you want to keep and what items to throw away. This we understand can be a tough decision to make. That is because no one likes to throw away their belongings. It does not matter to them that they have not used them in years. That is because every item holds a special memory. Thus, that is why are advising you to donate your items instead of throwing them out.

Downsizing would be a challenging task to undertake. But if you follow these tips it would be made that much easier for you.