Singapore is known as one of the world’s cleanest cities. You can find that almost everyone is well disciplined in working together to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of this place. Aside from that, it is also one of the world’s safest cities so you don’t have to worry about walking along the streets at night.

Shopping and dining are popular in this scenic place. Shopaholics will surely go crazy with a those fashion finds, from cheap bargains to expensive branded items. You can also find lots of cool and affordable gadgets and electronic stuffs in their stores. For food lovers, this surely is a perfect place. They have restaurants, cafes and food stalls that are open for 24 hours so you can really find something good to eat anytime you want it.

Aside from shopping and dining, Singapore is also filled with scenic natural attractions and heritage sites. With all these things to offer, a short visit is never enough. If you’re planning to take on a longer vacation in this wonderful city, finding an apartment for rent Singapore short term is your best option. Here are the top tourist destinations you must visit.

The Merlion

This iconic structure is one of the main attractions of Singapore. It is a mystical creature having a lion’s head and a mermaid’s body. It stands 8.6 meters tall and is facing the Marina Bay waterfront.

Orchard Road

In the old times, this place is utilized as spice and fruit plantations. Nowadays, it is a well known shopping district for both locals and tourists alike.

Esplanade Theatre

Watch some amazing performances in this durian-looking structure. You can also learn more about Singapore’s heritage in the library and marvel at the wonderful pieces at the art gallery.

Singapore River

Cruising through this river gives you a full view of Singapore’s skyline. You can also pass by the iconic landmarks such as the Merlion, Clarke Quay and Boat Quay.

Fountain of Wealth

This iconic fountain is known to be the world’s largest. Witness the laser show which is held every night which displays stunning light displays.

Sri Mariamman Temple

This is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore. Indian deities are carved on its walls and rooftop which displays a lot about the Hindu religion. Thousands of tourists and visitors go to the temple to witness the annual fire-walking festival.

There are still a lot more great places to visit in this lovely city. Step up and explore more of Singapore’s splendour when you get there.